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Tube Fittings

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Elbow Union

Elbow Union

Elbow Union

PrimeLock® Fittings

Flaretek® PFA Elbow

FlareLock® II PFA Elbow

Straight Union

Transition, Fusible Pipe

Straight Union

Flaretek® PFA Straight

Flaretek® PVDF Straight

FlareLock® II PFA Straight

Tee Union

Tee Union, Reducer

Straight Cross

Flaretek® PFA Tee

FlareLock® II PFA Tee

Flaretek® PFA Cross Fitting

PVDF Nut, Standard

Pass-through Dual Containment, Flaretek® x Quikgrip®

Welded Tube Elbow Union, PFA Plus

Flaretek® Fitting Accessories

Dual Containment Fittings

PureBond® PFA Welded Tube Elbow

Welded Tube Straight Adapter, Reducer, Flaretek® Tube, PFA Plus

Welded Tube Tee Union, PFA Plus

PureBond® PFA Welded Tube Straight

PureBond® PFA Welded Tube Tee